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  • Consulting


    Prior to decision-making of project investment, Jereh can provide integrated consulting research and overall plan, including feasibility study...

  • Oilfield Surface Engineering

    Oilfield Surface Engineering

    Jereh can offer engineering for stations of crude oil gathering and transportation, crude oil metering and compression, water and gas...

  • Unconventional Oil and Gas

    Unconventional Oil and Gas

    In unconventional oil and gas field engineering, Jereh adopts advanced technologies to achieve sustainable, stable...

  • Environment Treatment

    Environment Treatment

    Jereh can offer services including Source Water Treatment, Oily Sewage Treatment, Oily Sludge Treatment, Air Pollution Prevention...

  • EPC


    EPC services stand for an integrated solution for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning etc. Backed by a professional team...

  • Gasfield Surface Engineering

    Gasfield Surface Engineering

    Jereh can offer engineering for natural gas gathering and transportation pipe networks, gas gathering stations...

  • Oil and Gas Processing

    Oil and Gas Processing

    Jereh offers services including Crude Oil Stabilization, Natural Gas Purification, Natural Gas Condensate Recovery, Natural Gas Liquefaction, and Natural Gas Compression etc.

  • Modular Fabrication

    Modular Fabrication

    To archive high quality and high-speed construction, modular is an indispensable part of modern engineering project, which...

  • Investors

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