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Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Unit

This unit utilizes refrigeration (typically propane mechanical refrigeration) to cool and partially condense raw natural gas to separate the heavier hydrocarbon components to produce high quality natural gas. The condensed hydrocarbon liquids are then distilled in either a stabilizer distillation column to produce pentane plus (C5+) natural gasoline condensate, or distilled in a deethanizer distillation column to produce propane plus (C3+) LPG liquid product. The dew point control units usually have an integrated gas dehydration process utilizing 80 wt% glycol injection into the heat exchangers which captures the water, prevents hydrate formation in the process, and produces an outlet gas with less than 4.0 lbs/MMSCF. The gas capacity of Jereh Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Units range from 1 MMSCFD to 250 MMSCFD, and the units’ refrigeration power range from 100 HP to 2500 HP.
Liquid hydrocarbon condensation in the pipeline will produce two phase flow, which would affect the accuracy of pipeline measurement. At the same time, the increasing resistance of the pipeline will reduce the ability of pipeline transportation, which may lead to potential safety hazard. The unit is used to reduce the dew point of natural gas and prevent the generation of condensate in the pipeline transportation.
Processing Capacity: 10~500×104 S m3/d
Operation Flexibility: 50~120%
Inlet Pressure: 2~10MPa
Inlet Temperature: 10~ 40℃
Dew Point Temperature: -10℃
Modular design ensures integrated structure, reducing onsite construction
Lower energy consumption by utilizing natural gas efficiently with optimized refrigerants
Heat exchanging system ensures lower consumption of refrigerate system
Reliable control system ensures longer service time. Monitoring system ensure operation safety


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