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Natural Gas Fueling System

Jereh can provide all series of fueling systems, including LNG, LCNGCNG, fueling systems. The product line covers all standard ranges.
According to the different functions of products, Jereh has modular design to meet diverse needs from customers, different modules can be chose and combined based on different station conditions. All skids are pre-installed in the factory, so only simple combination is required on site, making the installation management more quickly and easily. Standardized design makes the future site upgrading and moving more convenient and flexible.
Jereh can provide a full range of natural gas filling solutions for not only small scale skid-mounted fueling stations but large scale stationary fueling system.

◆ Fueling for taxies, city buses, long-distance buses, light trucks, heavy trucks, ships and vessels
◆ Industrial and residential community gas supply

◆ Fueling for dual-fuel engines of oilfield and mining equipment

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