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MEG Reclamation Unit

For the effective inhibition of hydrate formation and corrosion in natural gas transmission and treatment systems, injection of Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG) or Methanol is commonly used. Methanol is preferred at lower temperature.MEG has been proved to be more effective due to its lower viscosity, lower cost, and lower solubility in liquid hydrocarbons. An associated recovery and regeneration process allows the MEG and Methanol to be recycled.
In recent years, increasing amounts of saline formation water is typically emerging in produced hydrocarbon fluids. If the MEG is regenerated by only boiling off the water, then salt and other solid contaminants will be formed in the MEG and lead to fouling, corrosion, glycol degradation and losses, and frequent shutdowns for cleanout and repairs.
Jereh’s MEG reclamation units are designed specifically not only to remove the water, but also to remove salts and other solids to achieve the required outlet glycol purity.
Jereh will deliver MEG reclamation units with highest MEG recovery rates and lower operating cost.

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