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TEG Dehydration Unit

Jereh has manufactured TEG dehydration units for many clients, some units are used for gas gathering plants, and others used for gas processing plants and offshore production platforms. Jereh’s TEG dehydration units have a gas capacity ranging from 1 MMSCFD to 150 MMSCFD, which operate from 300 psig to 1700 psig and are designed to achieve less than 4lbs/MMSCF in outlet gas water content.

The unit is widely used for oil and gas dehydration so as to meet the requirements of natural gas pipelining and dew point control of light hydrocarbon recovery with shallow cooling method. The unit is widely applied in the wellhead, gas gathering plant, gas processing plant and offshore platform.

 Processing Capacity: 10~400×104 S m3/d
 Operation Flexibility: 10~120%
 Inlet Pressure: 2.5~10MPa
 Inlet Temperature:15~45℃
 Dew Point Temperature: -40℃(Lowest)

 Modular design ensures integrated structure, reduceing onsite construction
 Self-powered system ensures flexible operation, suits for remote wellsite where there is no electricity or fuel
 Integrated tray increases absorption performance and operation flexibility
 Make full use of the existing system of energy, minimize the energy consumption of the system, realizing energy saving and emission reduction
 Humanized design provides the best environment for onsite operation

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