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Skid Mounted LNG Plant

For small factories with treatment capacity from 176MSCFD to 10,600MSCFD, Jereh can provide skid-mounted solutions to meet the demand for different plant scale.
Main skids of the LNG plant include: Regulating-metering skid, feed gas compression skid, acid gas removal skid, dehydration and mercury removal skid, refrigerant compression skid, cold box, instrument control skid and power distribution skid.
Main Features:
Processing capacity 0.2-11.2MMSCFD
Refrigeration energy consumption ≤450kw/tons
Device operating flexibility 50 ~ 110%
Structure Features:
Detachable skid mounted design, easy to install and move.
◆ Detachable skid mounted design and container design are adopted for easy moving and transportation. Less work is required for on-site installation, shortening the construction period
◆ Manufacturing and assembly of equipment are completed in the factory to ensure high production quality
Standardized and modularized design with high stability and adaptability
◆ Compact structure covers little space with low investment; flexible layout per different plant conditions; strong site adaptability
◆ Modularized design is easy to control, manage and maintain, and is convenient for future upgrade and expansion of stations
Advanced technological process, high economic efficiency
◆ Advanced MDEA acid gas removal and molecular sieve dehydration process are adopted with mature technology and easy maintenance
◆ Leading MRC (mixed refrigerant cycle) technical process is used to achieve high economic efficiency
Control System of Liquefaction Station:
Redundant network to ensure stable system
◆ Redundant Ring / dual network, dual-CPU redundancy control system, 3ms switching, no downtime
◆ Complying with satellite station construction and future expansion needs
Independent ESD system, fire and gas alarm system and running control system
◆ 2003 Fault-Tolerant Redundant Sensor System
◆ ESD safety protection system to ensure emergency stop and avoid misoperation;
Remote visual monitoring, real-time receiving of operating data
◆ Three-dimensional vision with seamless monitoring for the factory, alarm reminders
◆ Remote monitoring, real-time information receiving by mobile phones, iPad and other terminals
◆ Offices and living facilities in work areas, providing comfortable working environment with fixed temperature and humidity
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