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Oil Processing

In the crude oil treatment modular services, Jereh offers
Metering Unit
◆ Separation Unit
◆ Dehydration Unit
◆ Fueling Unit
◆ Flaring Unit
◆ Dewatering Unit
◆ Oil Pumping Unit
◆ Heat Exchanging Unit
◆ Fractional Distilation Unit
◆ Filtering Unit

Dehydration and desalination refer to any of several processes that remove amount of water and salt from crude oil to produce stabilized crude oil (water content:0.1-2% wt). Jereh deploys advanced dehydration and desalination technologies to ensure low-cost, high-efficiency work, especially in low-temperature environment.
Oil/Gas/Water Separation Oil/Gas/Water Separation
During crude oil treatment, oil, gas and water separation is an important process especially for oil storage and transportation. Being engaged in the design and construction of separation unit for many years, Jereh can design ranges of separators for different scale of operations with leading-edge technologies to increase separation performance. 

The advantages of Jereh separation unit:
◆ Better Separation Performance
◆ Higher Degree of Automation
◆ Lower Labor Cost
◆ Lower Investment Cost
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