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Social Welfare

Jereh is dedicated to be an enterprise respected by people all around the world. Paying more attention to its social responsibility, Jereh now has set
1. Spring Buds Program, to help dropout girls back to school
2. Jereh Charity Fund, to help the poor, the old, the disabled and students
3. Jereh Scholarship, for future industrial talents development


Care for Children

Children Caring
In China, unbalanced economic development still leads to a high level of school deprivation in some rural area as well as starvation and poverty. To help more children, Jereh carries out a series of activities including Spring Bud Program to help dropout girls back to school and Love for SOS Children activity by offering materials and financial aids etc. 
jereh ScholarshipsJereh Scholarship
To cultivate more talents for our industry, Jereh has set Jereh Scholarship in many universities and colleges at home and abroad. In China, 134 students are awarded total 738,000 RMB Jereh Scholarship every year. Most of them are from China Petroleum University (Huadong),  China Petroleum University ( Beijing), Northeast Petroleum University, Xi’an Petroleum University, Changjiang University and Southwest Petroleum University etc.
Caring for the elderlyThe Old Caring
Respecting and helping the old people is the traditional Chinese virtue. Every year, Jereh employees will go to the old nursing home to visit the old with aid materials. For employees’ own parents, Jereh gives extra benefits to them so as to make them live a prosperous and happy life.
Lives of the poorSocial Relief
Social relief is one of Jereh’s key public responsibilities. In 2010, Jereh set up "Jereh Charity Fund" with a commitment to help more people and families. Every year, Jereh Charity Fund is working to help at least 150 people. To make the best use of the fund, an activity of "Looking Around for People Most in Need of Help" is carried out annually with all Jereh employees participating in. So far, Jereh Charity Fund has made total donations of 365,000 RMB to help people in need.
ReliefEarthquake Relief
Jereh offers its deepest condolences to everyone who was affected by the earthquake and has done a lot to support the recovery of the affected areas as quickly as possible. In 2013, Jereh donated 2.11 million RMB for the victims in Sichuan Ya'an Earthquake. Employees also participated in aiding activities with spontaneous donation of 369,000 RMB in only five hours. In 2014, Jereh donated RMB 520,000 for victims in Yunnan Ludian Earthquake. Meanwhile, Jereh launched "Start Your Love with ¥1" project via media, social networks including Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter and so on, which attracted great social attentions for this disaster. 
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