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Natural Gas Liquefaction

Jereh is dedicated to the integrated natural gas solution mainly focusing on liquefaction and also taking into account purification so that the world can enjoy clean energy. With its proven gas conditioning process and independently developed diversified natural gas liquefaction technologies, we provide technologies and services of high cost performance for our partners.

Business Scope

◆ Skid-mounted natural gas liquefaction plant
◆ Stationary natural gas liquefaction plant
◆ Floating liquefied natural gas facilities (FLNG)
◆ LNG receiving terminal
◆ Floating storage regasification unit (FSRU)
◆ LNG station

Technical Expertise

Natural gas liquefaction: single-stage mixed refrigerant refrigeration, propane pre-cooling mixed refrigerant refrigeration, multi-stage mixed refrigerant refrigeration, methane expansion, nitrogen expansion, and nitrogen methane expansion etc.;

Floating liquefied natural gas facilities (FLNG): it is moored offshore natural gas production device, equipped with natural gas processing and liquefaction device, liquefied natural gas storage cabinet and external transportation system;

LNG receiving terminal: unloading arm, storage tank, low pressure transportation pump, high pressure transportation pump, vaporizer, BOG compressor and flare stack;

Floating storage regasification unit (FSRU): mooring system, unloading system, regasification system and evaporator system;

LNG station: LNG station module.

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