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Unconventional Oilfield and Gasfield Surface Engineering

With its expertise and rich experience in unconventional oilfield and gasfield engineering, Jereh works closely with customers to jointly develop the energy and resources that are cleaner, more environment-friendly and cost effective. The scope includes engineering services covering oil and gas gathering and transmission pipeline network, gas gathering station (metering, separation and compression), processing facility, pipeline and auxiliary facility.

Business Scope
◆ Surface engineering for oil sand mining
◆ Surface engineering for CBM development
◆ Surface engineering for shale gas
◆ Surface engineering for shale oilfield
◆ Surface engineering for tight gas field development

Technical Expertise
CBM, shale oil/gas or tight gas gathering and transmission process: high, medium and low pressure gas gathering, wellhead heating, wellhead alcohol injection, single well metering, multi well metering, well-by-well metering; sweetening, CO2 removal, Hg removal, dehydration, heavy oil upgrading and sewage treatment, etc.


China’s First Sale LNG Plant
Sentai Energy
Location: Sichuan China
Capacity: 2.5MMSCFD (7× 104 Nm3/d)
Project: Shale LNG Plant
Scope: EPC

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