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Playwell Micro LNG Solution

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Jereh Playwell Micro LNG Solution is specially designed to minimize project cycle and requirements for design, fabrication and onsite production. With four standardized packages, Jereh Playwell Micro LNG Solution ensures shorter project cycle and higher economic returns.

Standardized Package
Backed by rich experiences in LNG industry, Jereh Playwell Micro LNG solution is designed with four standardized packages to cover an LNG production capacity of 1.0mmscfd, 2.0mmscfd, 4.0mmscfd, 6.0mmscfd, offering the best optimized production solution for your project. Key Application:
· CBM, shale gas, oilfield and gasfield associated gas;
· Pipeline gas and peak-shaving station;
· Biogas, oven gas and landfill gas;
· Boil off gas handling at LNG terminals and LNG carriers.

Standardized Modular Design
To ensure the easy transportation and fast onsite installation, all modules adopt compact skid-mounted design for less onsite labor and construction period.

Standardized Package Design
 Play 1.0Play 2.0Play 4.0Play 6.0
Production Capacity1.0mmscfd2.0mmscfd4.0mmscfd6.0mmscfd
Refrigeration processSMRN2 expansionSMRN2 expansionPCMRSMRN2 expansionPCMRSMRN2 expansion
Refrigeration compressor typeScrew/
Process cooling typeAir cooler/wet type air cooler
Design margin50%~110%
Power consumption of refrigeration unit

Key Component Partner:

 Shorter Project Period
· 20 weeks project period: 15 weeks for all processes from contract signing to product delivery and 5 weeks from equipment installation to LNG production upon the completion of civil work, ensuring 60% project time reduction;
· Special flange design achieves Zero onsite welding;
· 2-3 sets of solution are stocked and pre-packaged.
 Higher Economic Return
· 6 month earlier for economic returns when compared with normal LNG projects;
· Bulk purchasing ensures lower product price;
· Skid-mounted module ensures a lower onsite cost.
 More Flexible and Scalable
· Flexible for different kinds of feed gas including CBM, shale gas, associated gas, pipeline gas, peak-shaving and biogas etc.;
· Scalable for combinable and expandable solution to meet requirements for project upgrading.
 Intelligent Remote Control
· Three-dimensional seamless monitoring for the plant;
· Remote monitoring, real-time data acquisition by mobile phones, iPad and other terminals;
· Independent ESD system for fire and gas alarm system and running control system
 Better Services
· Customer-focused services to supply professional and reliable follow-up inspection, fault handling and training services;
· Product Lifecycle Management is adopted to fully record and trace the design, repair and maintenance of every part of the product, making sure that accurate service can be readily provided.

All Equipment
Gas Metering Module
Advanced filter for gas pretreatment;
Turbine flowmeter for feed gas metering;
Automatic pressure regulating device for steady gas flow.
 Gas Compression Module
“Ariel’s only global market packager outside the N.A.”;
“China’s largest gas compressor packager”;
Gas pulsation simulation and analysis for design pre-evaluation.
Gas Sweetening Module
Three scales design for 1%, 3%, 5% of CO2 content;
Advanced MDEA technology for CO2 and H2S removal;
Except adsorption tower, all components are packaged on a skid-mounted module designed with ladder, platform and manifold.
 Gas Dehydration Module
Advanced molecular sieve dehydration technology, life span of 4A molecular sieve≥5 years;
Product lifecycle management for automatic adsorption and regeneration (regeneration cycle≤8 hours) without gas emission;
Intelligent dew point monitoring system for remote device control;
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