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Oil & Gas Treatment

Jereh is dedicated to providing secure and environment-friendly solution and offers technologies and services that are green, safe and human-oriented in oil and gas processing and application for different occasions such as crude oil processing, CBM, shale oil/gas, tight gas, associated gas of oilfield, methane and COG.

Business Scope

◆ Crude oil stabilization engineering
◆ Natural gas purification engineering
◆ Natural gas condensate recovery engineering
◆ Natural gas compression engineering
◆ Oilfield associated gas processing engineering

Technical Expertise
Crude oil stabilization: vacuum flash evaporation, factional distillation, and large tank extraction etc.;
Natural gas sweetening: chemical absorption (alkanolamine solution), and method of sulfolane desulfurization;
Natural gas condensate recycling; propane refrigeration, expander refrigeration, ammonia refrigeration, J-T valve refrigeration etc. and other technologies.

LNG Liquefaction Plant

Location: Jilin, China
Project: LNG Liquefaction Plant
Technology: MRC for Pipeline Gas Peak Shaving
Capacity: 5×104Nm3/d

 Baxian Combined Station for Natural Gas Treatment

Client: CNPC
Location: Qinghai, China
Project: Baxian Combined Station for Natural Gas Treatment 
Technology: Dew Point Control 
● Capacity: 200×104 Nm3/d
● Water Dew Point:: -10°C (winter), 5°C (summer)
● Hydrocarbon Dew Point:: -10°C (winter), 5°C (summer)

Underground Natural Gas Storage of Lake Tuz in Turkey

Location: Turkey
Project: Underground Natural Gas Storage of Lake Tuz in Turkey
Technology: Gas Compression and Transportation 
Discharge Pressure: 20.5MPa  Discharge Capacity:132×104 Nm3d

LNG Terminal Fueling Station

Client: CNPC
Location: Hangzhou, China
Project: LNG Terminal Fueling Station

So far, Jereh has constructed over 200 LNG or CNG fueling stations across China.

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