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Global Procurement 

EPC contracting is the whole process service including engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning of engineering projects. Jereh can provide integrated EPC contracting service and perform the management of quality, schedule, safety, cost, procurement, information and documentation, and coordination etc. based on contractual requirements to finally fulfill the project objectives and provide best service for customers.
Global Procurement 

Jereh has established a highly efficient equipment and material supplier management system to assess and evaluate the qualification and production capacity of worldwide suppliers and build up a supplier network satisfying project demands and requirements.

Globalized Procurement Management System
Jereh has procurement centers in China, United States, Canada, Middle East and United Kingdom, capable of synchronously managing over 70,000 kinds of raw materials globally. Jereh provides strong guarantee for project success by timely procuring equipment and material of highest quality and most competitive price.
Meanwhile, Jereh owns advanced supplier management software system for supplier’s lifecycle and comprehensive management; and every year, Jereh makes brand new supplier development plan to grade new suppliers, in terms of quality, price, delivery schedule and after-sales service, and to incorporate into supplier database finally.

Global Supplier Partnership
Jereh also serves as agent and strategic partner of many internationally well-known brands to ensure that authentic products, competitive price and professional technology services are provided.


Logistics Management System

Jereh has obtained national access certification from Russia, European Union and Canada etc., and is able to customize different plans for custom clearance, transportation and warehousing of respective sea transportation, air transportation and road transportation plans of different sizes of modules based on delivery schedule.

Global Logistic Partners

With Long period and large stable source of goods, Jereh becomes the VIP client of lots of global logistic agents to provide reliable, efficient logistic services for our customers.

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