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Consultation and General Planning

Jereh is willing to provide integrated consultation, studying and general planning, including project feasibility study, selection of process technology, project general planning, project investment estimation, and providing basis for investment decision-making.

Feasibility Study
Jereh is always concerned about customers’ profitability and takes into account customers’ investment capability and strategy. Jereh performs feasibility study on technology, financing and environment, and derives conclusions on economic and social benefits, anti-risk capability and environmental impact to provide advisory and scientific basis for projects decision-making.

Process Selection
Process technology decides the operating quality and final benefit of engineering project. Jereh will provide consultation advice for the overall project operation by carrying out process technology plan development, plan comparison and plan assessment on the basis of specific overall project condition, ensuring that a process technology that is advanced, reliable, applicable, secure and cost effective is selected.

General Planning
Project overall plan is crucial in guiding project basic design. Based on specific project circumstance, Jereh will provide process and system technology solution, project plan, material supply and workforce optimization combination plan to ensure the most scientific, economic and reasonable general plan.

Investment Estimation

Investment estimation runs through the entire process of project decision making. Jereh will provide investment opportunity study, investment estimate index, cost index, economic evaluation index and sensibility analysis report required and contained in project proposals, preliminary feasibility study report and detailed feasibility study report.

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