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Construction Management

EPC contracting is the whole process service including engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning of engineering projects. Jereh can provide integrated EPC contracting service and perform the management of quality, schedule, safety, cost, procurement, information and documentation, and coordination etc. based on contractual requirements to finally fulfill the project objectives and provide best service for customers.
Construction Management
Jereh’s comprehensive construction management system presents professionalized construction management, which keeps green construction, civilized construction and standardized construction all through the entire project that is highly efficiently executed and delivered with high quality, and embodies a perfect combination of high efficiency, safety, environment friendliness and quality.

Jereh has built-in the structuralized and programmed control mechanism of all elements, all processes and every scattered node of the construction stage in its independently developed project management platform, which further assures the realization of the comprehensive objectives of the project.

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